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About us

The Hellenic Community of Victoria is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and is focused on preserving and promoting the Hellenic Culture, Language, History and Orthodox Faith on Vancouver Island. The community has a strong and dedicated membership. It is also home to Greek Fest with the support of over 100 volunteers. Partial proceeds from every Greek Fest goes toward the Canadian Cancer Society through Cops for Cancer, and the Hot Lunch program which funds hot lunches for school children across Victoria. The Hellenic Community of Victoria also sponsor numerous community events such as bake/food sales, heritage festivals, sports programs, Greek language school, Greek dancing classes, and a Greek cooking program.


Board of Directors 

  • President: Tim Petropoulos

  • Vice-President: Jim Koutougos

  • Treasurer: Yiannis Lapidakis

  • Secretary: Peter Doukakis

  • Michael Ikonomou

  • Ilias Papanikolos

  • Maria Margaritis

  • Tasos Stamadianos

  • Takis Niketas

  • Lefteris Vasiliadis

  • Nick Smilytopoulos

Parish Priest 

  • Fr. Demetrios Vickery


  • Yiannis Lapidakis​



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