Community Membership

Members are the life-blood of our community. If you’re not already a member – please consider signing up today.

Annual membership fees are essential to  support all of the services of our Community: Church, Greek Language School,Sunday School, Greek Dance School, and Youth Camps.


Benefits are:

  • Membership fees are tax deductible

  • The right to vote at Hellenic Community General Assemblies & Elections

  • 50% reduction in fees for Dance School and Youth Groups

  • Subsidized youth activites

  • Free Yearbook and annual Church calendar



Donations are also a contributing factor to our success, and help us maintain all our services. 

If you are interested in makingf a donation please complete the form on the right. We will be in touch with you soon after.

In the near future we will give you the opportunity to make a donation by credit card.

Support Our Cause

Thank you for helping us make a difference!